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Liquid marketplace for yield earning opportunities

Tip Network provides smart contract infrastructure to connect liquidity providers & pool creators in a completely non-custodial manner.

Ripple - XRP

TIP Network Mission

Since late 2018, our mission has been to empower everyone with easy-to-use and transparent investment opportunities that aid in steering towards financial freedom. Our aim is to make investment opportunities accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or economic status. We are committed to democratizing these services by providing affordable, convenient and secure products that enable individuals and businesses to take full control of their financial opportunities. smile

Token Name Tip Network
Symbol TIP
Decimals 18
Supply 21 Million
Contract Address

Benefits of Tip Network

Ripple - XRP

You Get 60% BNB per Referral

Ripple - XRP

Limited Supply of 21 Million

Ripple - XRP

Token will list 1$ per $TIP

Token Allocation


Public Launch






Teams & Developers





Choose the Offer

Token Sale

Best Price

Pre-Sale will end in

  • Min Buy: 0.01 BNB = 10,000 TIP
  • Max Buy: 5.00 BNB = 5,000,000 TIP
  • Listing Price Will 1$ = 1 TIP
  • TIP Will List on December 29, 2023 on Pancakeswap and Other Exchange.

Airdrop & Referral

Claim 1000 TIP
Get Ref LinkCopy
  • 60% BNB + 100% TIP per Referral
  • Referral count is unlimited
  • Example: Your friend claim 1000 TIP You receive 50 TIP Tokens & 0.0009 BNB!
What we will do?



Allow to easily get exposure to a given LP share token to build an investment portfolio. In case of fixed term loans, such tokens allow the user to exit their position before the maturity of the loan.

Use as a collateral

FProvided that such derivatives are liquid and approved on TIP Network platform they could be used to create a borrowing pool and aquire new funds (effectively allowing user to earn interest from another opportunity at the same time).


Part of all platform fees will be used to further incentivse both Pool Creators and Liquidity Providers to continously create new offers and provide capital. Pool of funds kept here will also be used to engage and grow community.

Plans & Vision

Tip Network Roadmap

July 2023

Website development

Creation of the site for the Tip Network Airdrop & Presale.

August 2023

Exchange Prototype

Creating Tip decentralized exchange prototyping in testing environment.

September 2023

Massive Airdrop for the community

Presale Begins

December 2023

Launch on a Central Exchange & Listing

Listing TIP tokens on the pancakeswap exchange and TIP exchange at the price of 1 TIP = 1$

Jan 2024

LP Token Mining

Earn TIP and other digital assets on top of the yield just for putting assets into a liquidity pool.

Feb 2024

Staking TIP

Earn governance rights and 0.05% of all swaps from all chains in one simple place.

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